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Middlesbrough Leisure Park has 163 spaces with free parking and 531 spaces of paid parking.

Middlesbrough Leisure Park has 2 car parks;

Middlesbrough Leisure Park car park (163 Blue Spaces):

4 hours of free parking for Middlesbrough Leisure Park customers only. Further restrictions on match day apply (located adjacent to Middlesbrough Football Club).

France Street car park (531 White Spaces):

Charges apply Monday to Friday between 8am and 6pm only, no charge on bank holidays.

£1 for 2 hours,

£2 for up to 4 hours,

£3 for over 4 hours.

Saturday and Sunday are free.

Middlesbrough Leisure Park park is managed by Premier Park Ltd.

Premier Park Ltd
Website: www.premierpark.co.uk

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